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The importance of the field of Industrial Hygiene has grown rapidly in recent years as society increasingly recognizes the need to maintain healthy and safe working environments. This has produced a climate where exciting and valuable career opportunities exist for well-qualified practitioners and researchers in industry, government organizations, and academic and research institutions.

Graduates from the Industrial Hygiene program have a range of employment opportunities available to them, in Minnesota and elsewhere. Some graduates work for multinational corporations. Others work for consulting firms. Some work for local, state, or federal government agencies or the U.S. military. Employers of our alumni include 3M Company, Intel Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., the U.S. Navy, the Minnesota Department of Health, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Western Kentucky University, the University of Alabama-Birmingham, and Keimyung University.

The employment prospects for graduates of the Industrial Hygiene program are strong, with excellent compensation. In a 2013 salary survey conducted by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the average annual salary nationally for industrial hygienists with MS or MPH degrees and less than 5 years of experience was about $70,000. For those with MS or MPH degrees and 11-14 years of experience, the average salary was about $100,000. The average salary for industrial hygienists with PhD degrees was about $120,000.

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CIH Certification:

It’s no longer enough to be certified. You need a credential that will help you stand out from the crowd. The requirements are demanding and consequently, the CIH is held only by an elite group of professionals.

The CIH has been the gold standard for more than 50 years, attaining uncompromised integrity, global recognition and career-lasting value. View a 3.5 minute movie to learn why the CIH is the premier occupational hygiene certification in the world.


Alumni Profiles:

View Alumni Profiles to read what our IH alumni have to say about their current careers and their educational experience at the University of Minnesota.


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