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Taconite Workers Health Study
7/01/2008 - 9/30/2014
State of Minnesota, NIOSH

This project consists of three health components and a comprehensive
occupational exposure assessment. The health components include a cohort mortality study of taconite workers (approximately 72,000) employed between 1953 and 1984, looking at rates of specific diseases for all causes of death within the cohort compared to state and national rates.

Another component includes a cancer incidence study with a focus on mesothelioma cases, identified through the state's cancer surveillance system. A final component includes a cross-sectional screening of current and former taconite workers and their spouses. This effort involves the identification of non-cancerous lung disease in these workers and their spouses. All three of these components will be supplemented by information obtained through a comprehensive occupational exposure assessment, which will emphasize exposures to dusts generated in the mining process.

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