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Continuing Education (CE)

Agricultural Safety and Health Continuing Education (ASH-CE)

Ruth Rasmussen, MPH, MS, RN, Director
Bruce Alexander, PhD, Technical Director

The Agricultural Safety and Health Continuing Education (ASH-CE) program is an important resource for the Upper Midwest in unique and innovative agricultural safety and health research, dissemination of research, and practicing professional continuing education.

Many occupational safety and health professionals may not be employed full-time in an agricultural industry or organization but may be called on by their public or private sector employer to work on special projects, intervention programs, or workplace design efforts in an agricultural or food-related industry.  

The ASH-CE program assures that trainees will have an increased understanding of the nature and demographic characteristics of the local, regional and national agricultural workforce and how those characteristics influence hazardous exposures.

Trainees are given opportunities to explore a range of workplace agricultural hazards including mechanical, biological, chemical, and physical hazards. Trainees gain knowledge and skills related to control strategies that incorporate behavioral change, policy, educational and engineering techniques to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with agricultural injury and disease.


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