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Susan Arnold Featured in Minnesota Daily Article

Dr. Susan Arnold, MCOHS Deputy Director and Co-Director of Outreach, was recently featured in an article in the Minnesota Daily, Experts weigh in on COVID-19 concerns“.  The article highlights the recent increase in COVID-19 infections, particularly the Delta variant, and what steps students can take to slow the spread and promote health and safety on campus.

Dr. Arnold is an Associate Professor in the Industrial Hygiene program.  She specializes in developing, evaluating, and applying mathematical exposure models to estimate exposures in novel occupational environments.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been actively involved in numerous studies and outreach efforts to raise awareness of airborne exposures, and the importance of proper mask selection, use, and fit.  She is also the Director of the Exposure Science and Sustainability Institute (ESSI).

“If we are all doing what we can when we can to be adding those layers of protection and trying to avoid those situations where we’ve got a whole bunch of layers of risk, piled on top of one another, then we’re going to get this pandemic behind us.”Susan Arnold, PhD, CIH