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Our Strong Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunity

The Midwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety endorses and abides by University of Minnesota policies regarding:

As well as the vision statement of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action which envisions the University as

“a community free from prejudice, discrimination, hatred and ignorance – an intellectually and culturally vibrant place of learning and leadership where all individuals are valued, respected, and unobstructed in their pursuit of excellence in their work and scholarship.”

Diversity Resources

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University of Minnesota

Additional Resources

The Community of Scholars Program (COSP)
The Program assists under-represented students (U.S. Citizens and permanent residents) to more fully participate in the University, develop supportive relationships with advisors and mentors; build a sense of community through academic seminars and professional development workshops; and connect students to the Twin Cities community through research and civic engagement opportunities.  LEARN MORE

AHC Multicultural Society
The AHC Multicultural Society promotes cultural awareness within the healthcare profession. Activities, events, and programs will serve the following goals of the organization: a) Increase awareness on health disparities in the US and the world; b) Initiates and supports pipeline discussions and solutions in the AHC; c) Supports upcoming minority health professionals including international and domestic students; and d) Addresses professional issues that minority health professionals face in their careers and pre-careers. For more information, contact the Center for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP) Student Center at chip@umn.edu.

Institute for Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy (IDEA)
IDEA is a research initiative that will convene scholars from the University of Minnesota and around the world to collaborate in innovative and groundbreaking ways across disciplines, departments, colleges, and campuses. In addition to supporting the development of new research, the institute is also designed to enhance retention and faculty diversity by fostering stronger ties among faculty and with faculty and the local community.  LEARN MORE

Association of Muticultural Scientists (AMS)
The Association of Multicultural Scientists (AMS) is a student organization comprised primarily of historically underrepresented students pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree in an applied science graduate program at the University of Minnesota. AMS is dedicated to the support, retention and recruitment of historically underrepresented students in the applied science disciplines. Our primary goals are to 1) assist students in the successful completion of their graduate studies by offering activities and support which will meet academic, professional, and social needs in an atmosphere of cultural context and comfort; 2) promote awareness within the university’s scientific community of the ever growing presence of qualified minority post doctoral trainees and faculty candidates and 3) promote awareness of other minority programs on campus through joint sponsorship of activities.  LEARN MORE


Other Diversity Related Information

Graduate Program Statistics
Application, admission, and matriculation data for the Environmental Health graduate program at the University of Minnesota.

“Reimagining Equity and Diversity”
From the Office for Equity and Diversity. A vision document outlining a framework for the University’s equity and diversity work. The framework identifies eight priority areas and a number of possible action steps for colleges, departments, and administrative units to consider in their own diversity work.

Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care
Report from a 1999-2002 study by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) on the extent of disparities in the types and quality of health services received by U.S. racial and ethnic minorities and non-minorities.

“Missing Persons: Minorities in the Health Professions”
Sullivan Commission’s Report on Diversity in the Health Professions

Minority Health and Health Equity Archive
The Minority Health and Health Equity Archive (MHHEA) at the University of Maryland is an electronic archive for digital resource materials in the fields of minority health and health disparities research and policy. It is offered as a no-charge resource to the public, academic scholars and health science researchers interested in the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities.