OHSRP Degree - Midwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety Education and Research Center

OHSRP Degree

The Occupational Health Services Research and Policy (OHSRP) training program builds on existing doctoral programs offered by both the Division of Environmental Health Sciences (EnHS), and the Division of Health Policy and Management (HPM) in the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota.

Students will enroll in the division of their preference to complete a rigorous two year program that includes classes in statistics, research design, sampling, survey methodology, econometrics, health economics, occupational and environmental epidemiology and toxicology, exposure assessment and policy. Doctoral students in EnHS complete supporting coursework in health services research, policy and administration. Doctoral students in HPM complete supporting course work in environmental and occupational health sciences.  Upon completion of their coursework, and written and oral examinations, students complete a dissertation based on original research that makes a significant contribution to the field of occupational health services research and policy. Students will earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in either Environmental Health or Health Policy and Management.

Refer to the curriculum to view an outline of OHSRP courses and research activity requirements.