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OEHN Student Profiles

Tracy Crisler

I currently work as an Occupational Health Nurse for 3M in Cumberland, WI, a small town in Northwestern Wisconsin. I have worked for 3M for almost 19 years, 14 at my current facility. I provide first aid and minor emergency care for work-related injuries. I also assist employees with non-work-related medical issues, either by providing answers to their questions about conditions or treatments, or helping them navigate our health insurance and disability benefits. I provide transitional employment/return to work planning for both occupational and non-occupational conditions and I assist with safety medical surveillance and some training. I am also the ergonomics leader of our facility. Last and my favorite part of the job, I lead all our health promotion activities.

I have always worked in the occupational health/case management “world”. I am a Certified Case Manager. Before working at 3M, I was employed by a worker’s compensation insurance company. I am very familiar with Workers Compensation Insurance benefits and Family Medical Leave.

I decided to enroll in the program to challenge myself. I will be an “empty nester” next year and thought this would be a good way to stretch myself. I love learning new things so I thought this would be a great opportunity.

Shari CrockerShari Crocker

I am a seasoned critical care nurse. I have worked in virtually all adult critical care areas. After children, I decided to explore areas that would allow a more consistent and flexible schedule. I fell in love with employee/occupational health. I love learning. I also love my role as an advocate for employees. I am passionate about it, and I think our work is appreciated. Emergency preparedness is also an area of interest for me.

Lisa Hunwardsen

I am an RN working at Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont, Minnesota (MN), just north of the Iowa border. I have worked here since 2001, although I have been a nurse since 1994. I worked for 15 years as a surgical nurse before entering the field of occupational and employee health.

As an Employee Health nurse, I cover employee health, well-being and safety issues in Fairmont and St. James, MN. I also collaborate with the nurses in Employee Health in Mankato to cover our Southwest MN region. In the recent past, I also covered occupational health and filled a contract to provide our local 3M plant with a nurse for 20 hours a week.

I enrolled in the Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Program after considering it for many years! I have been interested in the program since it was introduced to me by Jean Bey of 3M Corporate Occupational Medicine several years ago. At that time, my children were young and I would have had to come to campus for all of the classes. Now that my children are grown and some classes are online, the program is something I can manage to balance with my personal life. I am very passionate about health and well-being issues. I try to help our employees live their best life by introducing health and well-being information to them as often as I can.